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Don't be thrown off by the intro that starts in the middle of a sentence. We started discussing the episode before I actually officially intro'ed the episode, so I thought I might as well leave that part in.

Come join us for another Twin Peaks Commentary track. This time on episode 9(10?) of the series and Lynch's third time directing an episode: Coma. Matt is joined by Scott Ryan of The Red Room Podcast and author of the novel "Scott Luck Stories", Brad Dukes, author of Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks and host of "The Brad Dukes Show" and Josh Eisenstadt, Twin Peaks trivia guru and director of the film "Spreading Darkness". Together they give some new opinions, facts and trivia on another episode of television you've probably seen more times than you care to admit. Also, they try not to die before they get to see season 3 of Twin Peaks.


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