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The gang are joined by Alirio from the Potentialcast, the podcast that inspired them to create their own, as they tackle the third episode of the Twin Peaks series and things begin to get weird for agent Cooper.

We have reuploaded our first two shows and labeled them 1 and 2 instead of having them as 0 and 1. I figured since we’re now on iTunes our numbering of the episodes of Twin Peaks should align with their listing.

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Matt, Mel, Brad and Caitlin discuss the first/second (I'm so confused!) episode of the Twin Peaks series proper. Look out for squirrely peasant men hiding at the end of your bed!

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The Twin Peaks Podcast, two twin peaks newbies watch the show for the first time accompanied by two Twin Peaks fans. In this episode we discuss the original pilot.

Twin Peaks veterans: Matt and Mel

Twin Peaks newbies: Brad and Caitlin


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